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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2013 SBA Candidates

Kevin Yombor - Candidate for ABA Representative

My name is Kevin Yombor and I want you be your University of Miami American Bar Association Representative. Law students today face unprecedented challenges in the current job market. As the ABA Representative for Miami Law, my focus will be on increasing opportunities for students to obtain a job after graduation. I plan on accomplishing this in three ways. First, I will keep an open dialogue with you, the students, to address your concerns and take your suggestions to the ABA.  Second, I will work closely with the Student Bar Association to facilitate the success of Miami Law and provide you numerous opportunities to connect with professionals in the legal field. Third, through my role as ABA Representative for Miami Law, I will pursue further leadership within the ABA to bolster our schools prominence and voice within the association. Should I be elected, I will serve our school diligently; I am determined to help improve Miami Law’s standing in the legal community. As your American Bar Association Representative, I pledge to work hard for you. Thank you for your consideration. 

Sara Salono - Candidate for SBA Secretary

My name is Sara Solano, and it would be my honor to serve on your Student Bar Association executive board as Secretary.  I’ve spent the last year learning the nuances of this important organization as a 1L Senator, and I truly believe that we at SBA can and do truly make a difference to the student body’s experience here at Miami Law. With my established involvement and dedication to this university behind me, I will make it my personal goal to continue fostering transparency within the organization, supporting students’ concerns and input, and focusing on issues and undertakings that will actually improve students’ experience both socially and professionally. The current job market in the legal profession is focused not only on academic competency, but an understanding of the importance of networking and being prepared to undertake a bona fide career come graduation. I believe that this is a vital skill for students, and I cannot wait for the next year to continue facilitating practical professional experience for our students in the legal field. Get ready for some beautiful Hearsays, Miami!

Tom Hospod - Candidate for 2L Senator

My name is Tom Hospod, and I’m running for the privilege to serve next year as your 2L Senator. Before attending UM Law, I was a legislative aide in the Massachusetts legislature. From that experience, I hope to bring to the Student Bar Association the values of compromise, sound budgetary insight, and most importantly, accountability to those whom I serve. I’ll work to make the SBA an accessible resource to every law student, and see to it that the law school works for you. I look forward to sharing ideas with everyone about how to most effectively achieve that end.

Rina Urias-Brizuela - Candidate for 2L Senator

My name is Rina Urias-Brizuela and I would love to be your 2L Senator. I graduated with a B.A. in Urban and Regional Planning and a minor in Political Science from Florida Atlantic University. As your 2L Senator, I promise to represent the class of 2015 by looking out for your best interests and listening to any concerns that you may have. I understand the importance that the SBA plays in a law student’s life, and would be honored if you allowed me to represent you in it.

 Lance Stephan- Candidate for 2L Senator

My name is Lance Stephan and I am running to be your 2L Senator. I currently serve UM Law as a 1L Senator and as a member of the Budget Committee. The Student Bar Association determines our budget and sets important policies that affect each and every one of you. As your 2L Senator, I will continue to be accessible and to always make decisions that are truly representative of you.

Leah Aaronson - Candidate for 2L Senator

My name is Leah Aaronson and I’m running to represent our 2L class as your SBA Senator. I served as your 1L Senator in the fall and, while my term seemed short, would like to continue working with the SBA to maximize the opportunities available to us here at Miami Law. Last semester, I began the process of coordinating additional monitors in the library for students to connect their laptops with so to assist them in legal research. If re-elected, completing this project will be my first endeavor. I have tons of other new ideas and encourage hearing yours. Vote for me! 

Friday, September 28, 2012

1L Senate Candidates

 Mitun Mitra
I am Mitun Mitra and I am your 1L Student Bar Association Senate candidate. Something I have noticed in each of my peers is their drive to be better, greater, and stronger. Above all else, we want to be ourselves. Whether we want to be the next top lawyer, judge, agent, or CEO; we, first, have to be active in leading, moral in our character, and ambitious in our pursuit of knowledge, but most of all be U. As your 1L senator, I promise to be a representation of U, always pursue the greater goal, and involve your thoughts.

 Leah Aaronson
I’m Leah Aaronson and I’m running to represent our 1L class as Senator for Section D. If elected, I want to make the use of our time in law school efficient. To achieve this I will be hands-on, communicating with students and relaying their concerns to the administration. I look forward to sharing my ideas with you and incorporating yours so we can have the best 1L year possible. Just remember: The only thing that comes before AARONSON is U!

Lance Stephan
My name is Lance Stephan and I am running to be your 1L Senator. I attended The Florida State University, where I obtained both a BS and MS in political science. I am running to be your voice in student government. The SBA determines our budget and sets important policies that affect you. As your next 1L Senator, I promise to be accessible and to only make decisions that are truly representative of each and every one of you.

Kathleen Ortega 
In running for the Student Bar Association Section Representative seat, I would like to have the opportunity to become the liaison between my fellow 1L Section E peers with the student body, faculty, and alumni involved with SBA. I will stress upholding its values placing emphasis on each student’s educational success, meanwhile promoting extracurricular involvement, and unity among my fellow classmates. In holding this position, I will fully commit to bring forth any and all of the issues that could potentially arise affecting those in my section to establish a continuous basis of communication with the Student Bar Association.

Kelly Balkin

Before coming to UM, I was manager of a graduate student service department for a large university.  In this role, I resolved student grievances and implemented policies to more efficiently receive and use feedback from students. I also worked cooperatively with university officials to effect changes necessary for student success. As your section senator I would use my experience to be the best advocate for the issues that matter most to you. I believe that I am uniquely qualified to be your section senator and I would be honored to be elected! 

Sara Solano 
My name is Sara Solano, and it would be my privilege to serve as your 1L Senator. The SBA is such an important facet of our law school, and I believe that my contributions as senator would foster more transparent communication between students, their elected officials, and school administration. My personality is 100 percent conducive to serving the student body as an effective sounding board and figure with whom to voice concerns and ideas. By representing our school on the front lines as a Miami Law Student Ambassador, I’ve already made clear my pride for UM Law, and I’m highly committed to ensuring that our first year law school experience is truly unparalleled.

Gregory Trujillo
My name is Gregory Trujillo, and I am running for a 1L Senator Seat.  I know that I can provide valuable input to the SBA because of my prior experiences in, as well as out, of school. While in undergrad, I was the chief of staff of the Student Government Association.  I was chosen to lobby in front of the Florida Board of Regents on behalf of my University.  In my time off between undergrad and law school, I successfully ran and owned a social media company. I pride myself on representing Miami well and would be extremely honored to represent our class.

 Jordan Hadley
Revitalization. Renewal. The Renaissance Man.  Greetings Fellow 1L canes, Today, I, Jordan Hadley come to you seeking the opportunity to serve; to serve you and this illustrious university to the best of my ability. Today I, come to you seeking the opportunity to bring about revitalization to our illustrious law school. It is my goal to bring SBA back to the students through seeking out their beliefs and their opinions and not just imputing my own. It is my goal to  address the needs of each student in our class and within the law school and to do so accountably.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Interning at NBC News, Miami Law's Genevieve Valle Gets Taste of Real Journalism, Finds it 'Amazing'

From UM Law's Website--

Genevieve Valle at 30 Rockefeller Plaza
Third-year law student Genevieve Valle had an eye-opening summer, interning in New York City at "Dateline NBC" and "Rock Center with Brian Williams." The experience dovetailed with her goal of becoming both an on-air legal commentator and a criminal prosecutor.

"It was a bucket-list summer for me," said Valle, a native of Miami. "I pitched three stories that are now in production and covered breaking news, including the 'Dark Knight' theater shooting in Colorado. It was full, top-to-bottom chasing a story, and it was so exciting."

Valle's route to the internship was circuitous. She had a conversation with her property professor, Mary Doyle — a former dean of the law school — which led to another chat, with Sandy Abraham, the Executive Liaison for Interdisciplinary Programs and Initiatives, who suggested that Valle speak with Professor Ellen Fleysher in the School of Communication. That meeting resulted in Valle enrolling in a broadcasting class and, ultimately, sending out applications for internships that might exploit her combined interests in both law and journalism. She was lucky enough to be offered two internships, which cemented her hope that her goal is reachable.

"My time at 'Dateline' was amazing," Valle said. "Working in 30 Rockefeller Plaza, breakfast with Tom Brokaw, working on several different murder stories, crashing the Colorado shooting story, meeting the most decorated investigative producers in the business, and sitting in on pitch meetings with the some of the biggest executives at NBC!"

The highlight of her summer, Valle said, was pitching a pair of stories to "Dateline" and having them accepted: "My mind was blown when I saw my name listed as the Associate Producer of the two stories."

Her summer ended with a job offer, but Valle is sticking to the plan. She will persevere in her wish to become a criminal prosecutor, although she will continue to study broadcast journalism. Meanwhile, she is also busy with the student body at the law school, as President of Miami Law Women as well as Vice-President of the Student Bar Association.

"I hope to work in Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office after graduation," Valle said. "I am confident that this career path should be taken step by step and opportunity by opportunity. Many of the lawyers working in television that I most admire are former prosecutors."

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


TALLAHASSEE --  The Board of Directors for the Florida American Legion's Boys State program is pleased to announce the appointment of Frank Sardinha, III, as the 15th director in the program's 72-year history.  At age 24, Sardinha additionally becomes the program's youngest director.

"Boys State has a special place in my heart," said Sardinha.  "This program develops young leaders from across Florida around the unifying principle of Americanism.  I'm thankful for the opportunity to serve in this way, and to honor the thousands of Legionnaires who underwrite and execute this premier youth leadership program."

It was only a few years ago that Sardinha was a delegate to the 2005 Boys State session where his peers elected him Attorney General.  He has since been invited back each subsequent year to serve as a program counselor.

Sardinha is a resident of Jupiter, and a 2006 graduate of Jupiter High School.  He attended and is a graduate of the University of Florida.  He is currently a second-year law student at the University of Miami.  Sardinha is also a member of the local Sons of the American Legion Squadron.

The Florida Department of the American Legion has sponsored Boys State since 1940.  During the weeklong events associated with Boys State, 530 delegates can earn dual enrollment course credit through a unique partnership with Tallahassee Community College. Delegates are instructed in Florida law, history, and government. In addition, students create a "51st" state with cities, counties, and a three-branch state government, publish a daily newspaper and television news program, and learn leadership qualities through teamwork exercises.


Photos Attached: Sardinha Action Shot: "Frank Sardinha, left, is congratulated by outgoing Boys State Director George Wehrli after announcing Sardinha's appointment."

For more information about Boys State, visit or

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The New Face of SBA

On Monday April 9, the new SBA President and Executive Board stood on the bricks with their right hands held high as they pledged unwavering loyalty to Miami Law. They were sworn in at Bar and Gavel's Passing the Gavel Ceremony on the bricks.

The group pledges to better your experience at the University of Miami School of Law. Under the new leadership of Christine Job, new initiatives are on the horizon. The group hopes to use their passion for the school to insight a passion in the student body and to implement changes that students will benefit from every day.

This year's last SBA meeting will be held on Thursday April 19 in F209. Lunch will be provided. We encourage all students to come out and to voice your concerns and ideas for the coming year. We look forward to serving you and to making Miami Law the best it can be.

Friday, March 23, 2012

A Message from the Election Commission

Dear Students,

SBA Elections will be held this Monday, March 26, and Tuesday, March 27. The Election Commission encourages all law students to vote in this election.

The elections will be held online. Students can access the ballot at <> from 9am on Monday,March 26 through 9pm on Tuesday, March 27. Once you sign on to MyUM, click the "Life at UM" tab. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click "law school election." At that point, the ballot should open.

Ballots will vary based on the student's school year. Students who are graduating this semester (current 3Ls) or who are part of the LLM program, JD/MBA program, or another joint degree program that still requires taking law school classes have the opportunity to vote during SBA elections. Everyone can vote for executive board candidates.

Current 2Ls will be able to vote for up to six candidates they wish to represent them as 3L Senator. Current 1Ls will be able to vote for up to six candidates they wish to represent them as 2L Senator, regardless of the section to which they belong.

Each category, with the exception of 2L and 3L senator, will have one space available for one write-in candidate. The position of 2L and 3L senator will have six spaces available for write in candidates. The six candidates in each senate category with the most votes will be elected. There is no difference between write in candidates and candidates originally on the ballot when counting votes.

Where voters can select more than one candidate for a position (i.e. Senate seats), ballots selecting less than the maximum selections are counted. However, ballots selecting more than the maximum will not be counted for that office.
No voter can vote for a single candidate more than once for the same position. If a voter does not follow these instructions, the voter's ballot will not be counted. A voter may write-in a candidate's name for another position on the ballot using the available write-in spaces.

We encourage all students to take part in the voting process. Remember, the SBA is here to serve you. Please take the time to cast your vote. Thank you.


The Election Commission

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring 2012 Election Candidates

McKillop "Mick" Erlandson
My name is Mick Erlandson and I am from Vero Beach, FL. I graduated from Wake Forest University with a BA in Chemistry and History. After graduation, I moved to Washington, DC to learn more about public service. I worked for the U.S. Census, Congressman Anthony Weiner, and the Feldman Group, a Democratic Pollster which included clients like Obama for America.  I relocated to Miami for the sunshine and to pursue a career in Administrative Law.  As a Student Senator I hope to push for a more Tech friendly law school, and a more efficient system for student e-mail.

Jessica Gorra
My name is Jessica Gorra and I am running for 2L Senator! Currently, I serve as a 1L Senator and as Chair of the Senate Constitution, Bylaws, and Rules Committee. During my time as Senator and Chair, I have held meetings to discuss the Election Bylaws with students. Last month, the committee used students’ suggestions to draft an Election Bylaws Bill, which Senate approved! Among other changes, candidates may now campaign via Facebook and supporters may also help candidates campaign. As a 2L Senator, I hope to continue working with this committee and propose other bills.
Christine Job
My name is Christine Job and I am running for SBA President! I am extremely dedicated to UM Law and the SBA. I served as a 1L Senator and I sat on the campus-wide Dining Committee. As a 2L, I served both as Historian, creating the SBA blog and now as the appointed Secretary and Inter-Club Council President. I want to be President because I will bring passion, dedication and effective leadership to the position. As SBA President, I will work to strengthen the UM Law brand and to build enduring relationships between UM Law, the Miami legal community and the Miami community at large. VOTE FOR ME!  J   

Nefra-Ann MacDonald
My name is Nefra-Ann MacDonald, and I am running for SBA Vice President. I have served on the SBA this past year as a 2L Senator, and served on the Social and Philanthropy committee where I was able to write and pass two bills. If elected to serve on the executive board, I will devotedly serve the student body by making sure that in my capacity, the SBA is effectively and efficiently used to benefit the law school at large. I look forward to the opportunity to Elevate "U" in the coming year.

Melody Porter
Hey Fellow Canes! My name is Melody Porter and I would love to be your SBA President! Currently a 2L Senator, I hope to take the experience and knowledge gained from my current position and combine it with my excellent academic leadership skills. I have some great ideas and as a voice for the student body I hope to be able to express these ideas and effectively bridge the gap between the students and the administration.  I am always looking for new and creative solutions to the concerns I have heard voiced around campus and given the opportunity to be your SBA President, I will work to ensure your voice is heard! Thank you for your time! Most Sincerely, Melody.

Claire Rumler
As chairwoman and creator of the GreenU environmental initiative, I have consistently shown my dedication to improving this beautiful campus as well as my leadership abilities. If I am reelected, I will continue to work hard to make the law school more environmentally friendly by assisting in writing University policy, working with the administration to improve recycling efforts, and organizing activities like Earth Week and Water day. 

Frank Sardinha
Greetings UM Law! My name is Frank Sardinha, and it is an honor to run for SBA Senate. I was born and raised in Jupiter, FL and attended the University of Florida. Ever since arriving at UM Law, I have made it my goal to get involved and make a difference in the law school community. I am running to bring integrity, accountability and trust back into SBA. It is time for SBA to start working for the students and representing great ideas to ensure that UM Law continues to strive for excellence.

Genevieve Valle
My name is Genevieve Valle and I am running to become your SBA Vice President! During my time as a 2L Senator this year, I served as the chair of the Senate’s Public Relations Committee. I successfully increased student body participation at Senate meetings and SBA events, hosted events to allow students to meet their senators, helped with the SBA’s social media outreach, and pushed for transparency in the SBA. If elected, I hope to work with the executive board and the Senate to narrow the focus of SBA’s spending to events that create jobs for students. As the recipients of a generous budget, I believe the SBA could benefit students by using its funds to put on career fairs and networking events. I would further incentivize the SBA to meaningfully put its funds to use by proposing that any unused funds be reappropriated to provide a direct benefit for the students (i.e., tuition cuts, paying a portion of each student’s law school activity fee, etc.) If I am elected Vice President, I know that I can effect even more meaningful change around the law school campus. Please remember that on MONDAY, 3/26 and TUESDAY, 3/27 you have the power to vote for the candidate that you think is the best person for the job and I hope you will VOTE VALLE FOR VICE!